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Sep. 22nd, 2007

The BABE - 3 hankee film

Just watched the film THE BABE http://www.amazon.com/Babe-John-Goodman/dp/6302534372/ref=pd_bbs_8/102-8194313-1577709?ie=UTF8&s=video&qid=1190508797&sr=8-8. Touching. I cried for the giant who never grew up, but became a legend in baseball - Babe Ruth. John Goodman proved himself to be what we already knew - a gifted and wonderful actor. He became Baby Ruth at least for me!

My, I love seeing a film that touches truth. That said, I really don't know how accurate the 'facts' were in the film - knowing that often license is taken. But I loved The Babe. It was good to see Bruce Boxleightner as the true baseball pal, and the supporting second wife - Kelly McGillis loved the Babe unconditionally.

What I took away was that LOVE is a necessity of life. And Ruth needed it a little bit more (maybe) than most of us.

(Three hankee film.)

Aug. 25th, 2007

WORRY -- Servant? or Master?

Worrying about things is such an addictive activity. But is it helpful or does it prevent disaster? I wonder...

Reading a book right now that nails this question. And not only a good read -- it made me think, as well.

Romance novels are often assumed to be light reads with little content. That may be so with many or some. This one, NOT! An underlying theme -- worry -- is handled in a way that made it personal - that made me think.

The hero is a sports extreme type guy (in fact it's his livelihood) and the heroine is a librarian who fits the type. But sparks fly when they meet.

The book is: A SEASON OF FORGIVENESS by Brenda Coulter is at prepublication stage right now.

Brenda's first published book: FINDING HOPE (Love Inspired No.216) has been my all-time favorite romance novel. (In fact, before FINDING HOPE - I read few romances. They seemed distasteful, beneath my dignity.) Brenda adds heart to her novels and they sing!

Get your hands on this book. I for one, loved it!

Aug. 16th, 2007

(no subject)

Well, it's over!

I really like my dentist - Dr. Fried (pronounced Freed). He's a no nonsense kind of guy and very skilled.

Since I'm the scared kind of patient, you'd think a person who reassured would be ideal. Not so. His professional attitude and skill are very reassuring. His office help are without exception -- efficient, kind and friendly.

He did ALL my work in one sitting (Yah!), even cleaned my teeth himself! I felt privileged.

He showed me the pins before he added the one big 'filling' and they were really neat. Stainless steel coated with gold. So it turned out to be an interesting experience. And I'm still very glad it's Thursday!

One downside, I got very weird with the novocaine shot. They said from now on they'd eliminate the additional ingredient and I should feel less woozie, nauseous, and shaky.

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